And really, at the end of the day, they are family.

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Rita Volk Interview Questions…


Hey guys I have an exciting opportunity for you.


The lovely Victoria did a couple of interviews with Katie and Rita a while back and I share them with you.

Well Victoria has just sent me an ask to let me know that she’ll be interviewing Rita again this Wednesday (that’s tomorrow people!!).

If any of you have any questions you would like her to ask Rita she’s asked me to direct you all to her tumblr. Go follow her and sent her any questions you think are worth of our queen (let me know any good one so I can get excited). Bear in mind I don’t know how long she’ll have so don’t go too crazy.

Be good because Victoria is awesome and It’ super cool of her to let us suggest questions. We don’t want her to regret it haha.


I’m also calling dibs on these two

1) What aspects of Amy’s character are most and least like your own?

2) If you could be/guest on any other show on TV what show would you pick?

Now clearly you won’t pick questions as good as mine but don’t let that deter you from trying.

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@AngelHaze: you make me feel like i won anyway. thanks 4 coming babe @

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I want to change my url cause i’ve never really loved it and i’ve just never got round to changing it in like 3 years.

I want something fandomy, but also something that I can keep forever and not like something so specific that if the show finishes I’ll need to change it.

I thought about having something in welsh, but everything I came up with was kinda ugly in welsh lol. The best I’ve found it idiotsmewncariad which is idiotsinlove. But i’m not enamoured with it.

Someone help me … how do people change them like ever week lol.

“It’s like a door opens up in Katie Stevens’ eyes and we see a person we didn’t know was there before. It’s the person Amy has seen all along. Amy, meanwhile, is suddenly so calm, is reassuring her, and hangs back long enough for Karma to realize that she wants to kiss her. And that realization is terrifying, but too strong to fight.” — Elaine Atwell recap1.06 (Three to Tango)

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